BAM Nuttall use Sensat to safely digitise flood defences along a hazardous coastal area.

The Sensat Team

March 17, 2020

In collaboration with:

The existing tidal defence infrastructure along the Hull frontage had been deteriorating. Mott MacDonald and BAM Nuttall needed a highly accurate digital replica of the site to aid with design and planning permission so they could assess the current flood risk and propose a solution.


This digital twin would operate as a single source of truth about the spatial dimensions and features of the current coastal defences across 10km of complex waterfront.

The problem

A manual, ground-based survey would involve putting workers on the ground in an extremely unsafe environment over 3 weeks. The years of operation had caused many waterfront areas to become clogged with sedimentation and moss. Some areas became completely inaccessible during high and medium tides. 

100% safety record

Utilising UAVs, Sensat safely captured the required data without putting boots on the ground. 

48hr data capture

Manual surveying methods would have taken upwards of 3 weeks. Sensat captured the data in just 2 days.


Utilising UAVs, Sensat safely captured the entire 10km coast in under 48 hours. Sensat’s autonomous mapping drones enabled a 100% safety record for the duration of the project. The solution removed workers from hazardous areas, reduced time on site, and completely eliminated contact with dangerous diseases from the water.

The visualisations created from the UAV survey included a high-density 3D point cloud, 3D surface model, orthomosaic, and 2D CAD. BAM was able to view, augment and download all four datasets from one single place in Sensat’s cloud-based platform, Mapp.


BAM Nuttall and Mott MacDonald were able to successfully submit their planning application on time in Q3 of 2018 operating on a 100% safety record. Being able to access and visualise the various data sets through Mapp gave BAM the insights they needed to make better, more informed decisions.

16 km² point cloud hosted on Mapp

Download the full case study below:


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