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December 18 2019

Creating conversation around mental health in the workplace


There is no perfect way to promote conversation about mental health at work, but here are 3 things we can do to help.

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November 11 2019

5 Lessons on Product Management for Startups


For startups, there is a fine balance to finding the product-market fit and fulfilling your vision and hypothesis of how you plan to change the world. The latter is important, but your product has to create value for early users.

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October 31 2019

3 Challenges to digital adoption: Round table insights


We brought together business leaders from AECOM, Arcadis, WSP, Morgan Sindall, BAM Nuttall and Pell Frischmann at a round table dinner, to collectively discuss the challenges they face day-to-day when it comes to the adoption of digital technology.

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October 23 2019

The Scale of  Digital Disruption:

In order to understand the magnitude of change that could be brought about by digital disruption, we've spoken to those who know. This white paper provides first-hand insight from industry professionals into the current status...


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Special Report

Harry James SenSat Tencent Raise.jpg

October 1 2019

SenSat Raises $10M as Investors Back Simulated Reality Tech

British AI company closes Series A funding round led by Tencent, to invest in UK tech talent and help build a more sustainable future.

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September 4 2019

The New World Of Mapping




This Special Report aims to show customers how to make a fair and accurate judgement on the most suitable type of data capture method(s) required for their project/business.

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September 3 2019

Construction Industry News Roundup: August 2019


Satellites, drones and VR could help tackle the Amazon fires, UK government reveals £600m housebuilding package, and Amazon announces renewable energy project in Ireland: Catch up on all the important industry news from this month.

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Construction Tech Startups.jpg

August 19 2019

Six Trailblazing Construction Technology Startups to Watch

We decided to round up some of the startups that have us excited to be in this space right now. In this list, you'll find a wide range of startups in the construction technology industry - from IoT connected sensors to AI software.

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Technology Transforming Future of Rail_e

August 08 2019

How Technology is Transforming Transportation: The Future of Rail

Through the introduction of new innovative technologies, upgraded maintenance techniques, and the integration of transport systems powered by artificial intelligence, the infrastructure of rail is set to be transformed.

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Blog Construction Disputes

July 18 2019

Statistics on Construction Disputes Show the Impact of Technology

Statistics show the value of construction disputes in the UK almost halved last year. Consulting group Arcadis found the average value of construction disputes fell by 47% with one of the reasons being put down to firms’ greater use of technology. 


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Airplane Heathrow Runway

June 28 2019

Construction Industry News Roundup: June 2019

Heathrow unveils expansion 'masterplan', Facebook reveals open-source simulation and datasets, TfL launches £1.4bn roads framework, and the size of construction disputes drops by half: Catch up on all the important industry news from this month.

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Digitalisationand project delivry construction

June 20 2019

4 Ways Digitalisation is Transforming Project Delivery

According to Gartner, digitalisation is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Digitalisation is a key driver for change in project delivery.

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Hull frontages flood defences

Case Study

June 17 2019

Protecting the Coasts of the Nation



Rising sea waters pose significant risks to existing coastal infrastructure. A £42M tidal defence scheme will improve flood protection to some 113,000 homes with upgraded tidal flood defences in Hull.

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environmental sustainabiiy construction

June 6 2019

Building a More Sustainable Future


Construction companies want to ensure their projects are delivered not only on time, to budget, and with a great return – but are also under pressure to monitor environmental indicators such as air quality, water usage and resource wastage in order to comply with the environmental standards set by statutory bodies.

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Ely Case Stuy

Case Study

June 5 2019

Innovating Early Stage Infrastructure Design


To support WSP and Network Rail in developing feasibility and early stage designs for the Ely Area Capacity Enhancement programme, SenSat have created a highly accurate digital replica of the 16 km² site. 

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May 28 2019

Why We Simulate Reality 


Our planet is an immensely complex spaceship. The weather, the animals, the plants, the people, the plate tectonics, the economics. All these systems are intricately linked in ways beyond our comprehension. Yet understanding them is the key to not just flourishing but surviving.

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Man holding lightblulb

May 20 2019

Addressing Basic Inefficiencies Could Save Construction Companies Billions

A report from BRE found that defects in the UK construction industry cost at least £20 billion to repair or rebuild every year. The report outlined that both delays and rework are happening for a variety of reasons such as insufficient and outdated information being passed on...

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Men running on a track

May 14 2019

Who We Are - The Qualities, Traits and Mindsets that Make SenSat Unique

At SenSat we focus more on finding people with the right character traits than professional abilities, reasoning that the right people can always be trained and educated. 

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Flooding over wall UK

May 9 2019

How Technology Predicts and Prevents Floods Before They Happen

The Environment Agency has issued a warning that Britain’s flood planners must prepare for the worst on climate change. Flooding and coastal erosion can have terrible consequences for people, businesses and the environment.

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Notre Dame Cathedral Burning on Fire

April 30 2019

Construction Industry News Roundup: April 2019

A dozen firms win £500m City of London deal, the plans for a £1.5bn annual boost to Scotland’s infrastructure, and the investigation into the Notre-Dame fire continues: Catch up on all the important industry news from this month.

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High rise glass building the shard

April 25 2019

How the UK Construction Industry Can Better Manage Attitude Towards Risk


Industry attitude towards risk needs to change in order for improvements in project execution and delivery to occur. The mindset towards risk in the construction industry is largely conservative. This is to be expected considering how dangerous the work can be and because of how competitive the market is.


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Triton Knoll Digitising Onshore Electricity Transmission

Case Study

April 16 2019

Triton Knoll: Digitising Onshore Electricity Transmission


The project aims to deliver renewable ‘green’ energy from the offshore wind farm via a buried electricity onshore cable line running from The North Sea to connect with the National Grid. Renewable energy is an exciting industry for SenSat to be involved in, with growth predicted to increase by ⅕ by 2023. 


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1 IOT Compressed.jpg

April 11 2019

The Five Ways IoT Is Changing Construction


A major component in the digital economy will be the Internet of Things (IoT). Made possible by the growth of high-speed wireless connectivity, IoT is set to become entire systems of connected physical goods and household objects that can be monitored and adjusted remotely, and in real time.


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Mapp A556  (1).png

April 4 2019

Investor Momentum Building for Construction Tech 

2018 witnessed a marked development in Construction Tech. From IoT sensor integration to cloud-based workflow apps, construction's digital transformation is well underway.


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SenSat News Roundup.jpg

March 28 2019

Construction Industry News Roundup: March 2019

TfL eyes new £1.7bn London metro line, Google uses AI technology to boost wind energy efficiency, and the plans for a £60 billion artificial island in Hong Kong: Catch up on all the important industry news from this month.


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Startup in San Francisco.jpg

March 12 2019

Dreamland: A Surreal State of Mind in San Francisco

San Francisco is like a strange dream - the quirkiness of the people, the rust of the city, the fog rolling across the hills all combine into a semi-conscious state of half-real half-not. 

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Construction Industry Round Up

February 28 2019

Construction Industry News Roundup: February 2019

25,000 new homes, a green light for Network Rail’s £35bn CP6 plan and artificial intelligence to prevent and predict natural disasters: Catch up on all the important industry news from this month.


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UAS Regulation

February 14 2019

UAS Regulation: Business vs Regulator


What does it take to make Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), at any distance, safe and integrated with existing air laws? Bridging the gap between business needs and air safety

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SenCAD launch

February 8 2019

SenSat Launches SenCAD: a New Revolutionary CAD Product on its Platform Mapp


SenCAD is revolutionising topographical land surveying by bringing unparalleled speed, accuracy, cost-efficiency, and safety to the process of producing topographical CAD survey data.

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Berkeley Group accelerating infrastructue design programmes

Case Study

February 7 2019

Berkeley Group: Accelerating Infrastructure Design Programmes 


SenSat have created a high definition digital simulation of a 900 acre site as part of the multi-million pound Milton Keynes East development to support Berkeley Group in submitting a successful planning application  

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High Speed Two Digitisation

Case Study

January 23 2019

HS2: Delivering the UK's largest Digitisation Job 

SenSat has safely mapped the entire Phase One route of the proposed HS2 rail line from London to Birmingham to create a fully digital simulation, supporting the planning of the project. 

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construction technolgy trends

January 15 2019

4 Technology Trends That Will Shape Construction in 2019 

The construction industry has been notoriously slow to jump into technology in the past but is now increasingly promoting digital adoption to improve the sector’s productivity. Looking ahead to 2019 there’s no reason we shouldn’t expect more of the same.


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people at heart of business

January 08 2019

Why you should always put people at the heart of your business 

A great company should create an environment that inspires people to deliver their best work, where everyone works hard, achieves big and collectively shares the rewards of that. But how can you create such an environment?


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automating development lifecycles

November 30 2018

Automating the development lifecycle to drive efficiency 

Automation, automation, automation. Every process in a software development cycle can and should be automated. If the current architecture cannot be automated, change it.


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LFAS BAM nuttall

November 26 2018

Faster and safer: Solutions that curtail emerging flood risks

BAM Nuttall - one of the UK's  largest construction and engineering companies  - called upon SenSat to replicate a 12km flood corridor in Leeds. The resulting digital simulations helped them better understand flood risks and design engineering mitigations.

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Case Study

LiDAR vs Photogrammetry

November 13 2018

UAV LiDAR is wonderful, but it's not what we want 

UAV LiDAR vs Photogrammetry - which method gives you the best results? As 'LiDAR', 'point clouds' and 'drones' are all terms that often get mixed up, we've created a helpful guide to help you get the best results from your survey, using photogrammetry

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Special Report

Cycling from London to Paris

November 5 2018

From London to Paris - Two tyred and wheely challenging 

In August 2018, SenSat decided to hold a brainstorming session to discuss the next team challenge… Someone suggested something far from the norm, that SenSat ride from London to Paris in two days on two wheels, self-propelled. 

Game on we said!


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Wired Live

October 30 2018

3 things to get excited about at WIRED Live this week 

This Thursday, WIRED Live, a one-day festival bringing to life stories on ideas, business, technology and design found within WIRED magazine, takes place in London


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Surveying in Bahamas

October 10 2018

Lessons learnt from surveying an international airport in the Bahamas  


Last week our Operations team has managed to survey a live, international airport as part of major upgrade works with a total size of 1.4 km2 in only 3 flights, without any disruptions of scheduled commercial flights or the need to close down runways


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Construction overspending

October 2 2018

Construction could be overspending $177bn per year 


Recent report findings point out that the average time U.S. construction professionals spend on rework, conflict resolution and looking for project data is costing the industry more than $177 billion annually

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SenSat at MWC

September 18 2018

Enabling the future through simulated


At MWC Americas in Los Angeles last week, SenSat's CEO James Dean was discussing how language and simulated realities can unlock emerging technologies, such as 5G, AR, VR and Autonomous Vehicles


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VC investment in construction tech

August 23 2018

VCs inject billions into construction technology startups

Silicon Valley investors are seizing the opportunity to tackle the challenges in the construction industry, which is plagued by cost fluctuations, labor shortage issues and overall lack of productivity improvements

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SenSat seed funding

August 13 2018

$4.5m seed investment to further develop SenSat’s simulated reality technology 


SenSat today announces that it has raised $4.5m in seed funding to further develop their simulated reality technology, which will help computers solve real world problems

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SenSat number 1 AI startup

August 10 2018

SenSat hits #1 in European AI Rankings


SenSat, a U.K. startup aiming to use visual and spatial data to “simulate reality” and teach AI to better understand the physical world, has been rated as the top AI company in Europe by Crunchbase

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Visual Semantic AI

August 1 2018

The difficulty with visual semantic Artificial Intelligence 

Computers today have trouble recognising the shapes within a scene, never mind what the objects are or how these objects exist in relation to one another. But that won't always be the case...

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BVLOS impact on UK economy

July 16 2018

BVLOS: The impact of autonomous drone flights on the UK economy

SenSat are the UK Government's Drone Infrastructure Pathfinder partner, working collaboratively to design and test safe operations of Beyond Visual Line of Sight drone flights

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June 11 2018

Taking Wienerberger to digital frontiers

Wienerberger is a leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations with over 200 production sites in 30 countries

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Smart Motorways

June 08 2018

Drone to BIM:

M1 Smart Motorways

Nearly four million drivers use England’s motorways every day, and that number is only expected to grow

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