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The qualities, traits and mindsets that make SenSat so unique

James Dean

Co-founder and CEO, SenSat

At SenSat we focus more on finding people with the right character traits than professional abilities, reasoning that the right people can always be trained and educated. Indeed if you ever visit our office there is a strange but delightful energy created by motivated people achieving amazing things together. The right people in the right place are our foundation of greatness.

In a series of images below I've summed up the qualities, traits and mindsets that make SenSat so unique. 

We are fundamentally interested in what we do; our work is a priority in our lives

If you're interested, it's not work. What we do takes passion, time and dedication. Ultimately you will only succeed if you have a deep rooted interest in what you do day to day - this is key.

We want to be the best in the world at our jobs

A growth mindset allows us to be the best. We have a desire every day to grow and challenge ourselves to become the absolute best at what we do.

We have accountability and are proud of our work. We’re happy to own up when we get it wrong and have a willingness to learn from others

Support each other so we can grow together. We have an open feedback culture, providing praise in public and not being afraid to challenge, ask why and provide constructive criticism in the right way

We're practical in our approach (get s**t done) and self starters

Practical approaches to problems. Stop, think and do. We take responsibility for improving the business around us and always strive to do things ins the most sensible, practical way.

Can do people who see the glass half full

The world is our oyster. It takes a lot of positive spirit to achieve something incredible, with both belief in ourselves and the ability to encourage others

No egos - respect is key

Work together to make it happen. Don't bring an ego to the table. We are stronger together and no one individual knows best without input from others. 

Enjoy yourselves and be balanced!

Be like Lucille! Find a job that looks at you the way Lucille looks at Louis whilst playing the trumpet in front of the Sphinx.

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