We at Sensat know that your project may be experiencing disruptions resulting from the global outbreak of COVID-19. 


Where information chains are broken because site data can no longer be physically collected, entire downstream workflows can be affected. 

To help we have created a £500,000 fund that can be used for remote site monitoring during the current pandemic. Our drones quickly survey sites to engineering grade quality without the need for boots on the ground. 

Key points:

  • The Construction Leadership Council official guidance recommends periodic monitoring of sites during the current lockdown

  • Sensat are committing up to £500,000 to ensure our clients can continue to access critical site information during this period 

  • Our drones quickly survey sites to engineering grade quality without the need for boots on the ground

  • This is intended to help ease pressures and ensure remote teams can continue to work effectively with up to date, real site data

  • Available to cover repeat scans for critical and ongoing infrastructure

How to claim:

You will need to provide us with the following information in order for us to consider and determine your eligibility for this funding offer:

  • Details of your site (including, but not limited to, its location, size and any permissions required to access the site)
  • Details of the main stakeholders involved in your site
  • The required number of data capture scans (including repeat scans) of your site (being no less than six (6) repeat scans)
  • The desired frequency of your repeat data capture scans (being at least once per calendar month)
  • The desired time frame within which you wish to receive the results of your data capture scans (being no less than 48 hours following the carrying out of the scan itself)
  • If a new client, the format in which you wish to receive the results of your data capture scans
  • A short rationale for why repeat data capture scans of your site are required



Please provide all requested information to contact@sensat.co.uk or, if an existing client, directly to your Sensat representative/contact person, ensuring that any correspondence refers to “Sensat £500,000 continuity of information fund”. 


We aim to get back to you within 24 hours and reserve the right to request additional information.


  • Available for new and existing projects

  • Funding offer expires on the earlier of (a) when the fund is fully utilised and (b)1 June 2020. 

  • Funding offer is open to UK companies and operations only.

  • Minimum number of data capture scans (including repeat scans) required is six (6)

  • Minimum frequency of data capture scans (including repeat scans) is at least once per calendar month

  • Sensat customary repeat scan pricing model applies for all data capture scans

  • This offer does not impact or concern existing contracts; however existing clients and projects can take advantage of this funding offer to add additional scans or increase the frequency of their existing contractually-committed scans

  • This funding offer can be used alongside Sensat’s offer to make Mapp, its cloud-based software, free for 6 months, but cannot be used in conjunction with Sensat’s price match offer. For further details on each of these two offers, please see here and here.

The small print:


  • The fund is match-funding, meaning Sensat will match client contributions, up to a maximum of £50,000 per company logo to ensure fair usage amongst clients and prospective clients.

  • Sensat will endeavour to carry out all scans and repeat scans as quickly and efficiently as possible within reason.

  • If circumstances outside of Sensat’s control, including, but not limited to, official government policy or changes in laws and regulations, prevent us from carrying out or scans within the above mentioned time frames, this funding offer will not apply and we will be relieved of our obligations and liabilities.

  • We reserve the right to withdraw this funding offer at any time.

  • All funding offers are carried out at the absolute discretion of Sensat and these terms and conditions are not intended to be, and shall not constitute, a binding or enforceable agreement between the parties, nor are they intended to impose any obligation whatsoever on Sensat.



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