About and credits

Sensat’s leading SaaS platform is transforming the way infrastructure project teams work with and visualise design models and site survey data. Our platform is built on some proprietary technologies but also stands on the shoulders of giants. Based on an intrinsically motivated model, we believe at Sensat that open source is the future, and corresponds with our values of transparency and accountability. We’d like to acknowledge some open source projects in particular for providing great foundations for our work:


Potree: WebGL-based point cloud renderer for large point clouds. Sensat uses a modified version to index and render 3D point clouds.


Three.js: WebGL 3D rendering library, used by Potree and directly in our platform for drawing geometries and 3D computations.


GDAL: translator library for raster and vector geospatial data formats. Sensat uses several functions and tools to index 2D assets and for most coordinate transformations.


OpenLayers: high-performance, feature-packed library for mapping needs. Our platform relies on this library for rendering tiled and vector layers in 2D.