Logging in

1. Visit our website: www.sensat.co.uk and click on the Log in button which will redirect you to Sensat’s visualisation platform.

Top tip: You can also access this page by navigating directly to https://mapp.sensat.world/ 

2. Enter your Email and Password and click Login to enter your workspace.

Problems logging in


Password reset

1. Click the Forgot password? link on the login page to generate a reset email.

2. Enter the Email you used to sign up to Sensat’s platform and click Reset password.

Account not recognised


If you receive an error message indicating that you don’t have an account, please contact your Sensat admin or support@sensat.co.uk.

Still can't log in


If you have tried logging in and resetting your password and still cannot log in to the Sensat platform, this is likely due to restrictions on your system firewall. 


1. Please share this document with your IT team so that they can unblock the relevant domains and Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. 

2.Once your IT team has whitelisted our domains, ports and protocols within your company’s network, you will then be able to access the Sensat platform and login to your project.

Problems accessing your project


If you are accessing your project on a desktop computer or a laptop, please use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser. If issues still persist please contact support@sensat.co.uk.

Blank screen, 404 errors, projects not appearing in Project Manager


If your projects do not appear in the Project Manager or links to projects result in a 404 error or a blank screen, typically this indicates that you’ve not been added to the project you are trying to access. 

1.Please, contact your Sensat admin or support@sensat.co.uk