3D environment


Use our 3D functionality to get a clearer image of the environment you’re in while allowing for more stakeholder engagement. Great for winning more bids.

Using the mouse

1. Click and drag to pan around your project data.

2. Scroll to zoom in and out.

3. Tilt and rotate your data with Shift + drag.

4. Double-click on a location to centre and zoom in.


Using the keyboard

1. Use the arrow keys to pan around. 

2. Press Shift plus arrow keys to tilt and rotate.

3. Press the +/- keys to zoom in and out. 

Using a touchscreen

1. One finger drag to pan around.

2. Two-finger pinch to zoom in and out.

3. Two-finger rotate to rotate the map.

4. Two-finger drag up and down to tilt.

2D environment 


The controls to navigate the 2D environment are the same as in the 3D environment. 

Switching from 2D to 3D environments


The Sensat platform allows you to visualise both 3D data and 2D data.

1. Navigate to the left-hand toolbar and click the 2D button to go to the 3D environment.

2. To go back to the 2D environment click the 3D button and so on.

Top tip: You can pan, zoom and rotate while drawing lines or polygons.