SenSat | How to: Creating a Surface and Contour Lines in Civil 3D

Creating a Surface and

Contour Lines in Civil 3D


How to use a COGO point spot grid to create a surface,

to generate e.g. contours  

Venkat Kondragunta

27.2.2018 // PART 1

1. Getting the points in Civil

  • In order to create a surface (which can be used to create contours, slope lines, contours etc.), the first step involves having the points in a useable format in Civil 3D.

  • Here is a guide for making COGO points from the spot grid of a CAD drawing

  • Here is a guide for importing a points file into Civil 3D

2. Creating a surface from the points.

a. In the prospector menu, right-click on “Surfaces” and select “Create Surface”

​​i. If the Prospector menu is not viewable on the left as per the above screenshot, click “Toolspace” (View > Toolspace)

b. From the “Create Surface” Menu that comes up, make sure “Style” is set to “_No Display” and hit “OK”

i. If it isn’t set to “_No Display)” then click the three dots button next to “Style”...

ii. ...and then select the surface style “_No Display”

iii. Surface created!

c) Now you must attach the points to the surface. In the Prospector menu, click the plus button to expand the “Surfaces” drop down

d) Click the plus button on the surface we just created to expand it’s options

e) Click the plus button on the “Definition” section to expand options

f) Right click on “Point Groups” and select “Add”

g) Select “All Points” or the Point Group with the desired points in it. For more info on Point Groups, click here and reference Step H.

h) Hit “Apply” and then “OK”

i) Right click on the surface and select “Rebuild”

j) You have now created a surface encompassing the points (nothing will happen visually).

Click here to get to Part 2 and learn how to create a contour from the surface

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