SenSat | How to: Creating a Surface and Contour Lines in Civil 3D

Creating a Surface and

Contour Lines in Civil 3D


How to use a COGO point spot grid to create a surface,

to generate e.g. contours  

Venkat Kondragunta

27.2.2019 // PART 2

Note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series on creating a surface and contour lines in Civil 3D. Part 1 is here.​

3. Creating a contour from the surface

a) Right click on the surface, and select “Surface Properties”

b) Under “Surface style” (Information > Surface style) select “Contours 2m and 10m (Background)”

c) Hit “Apply” and then “OK”

d) You should now see contours!

e) To remove the points and only see the contours:

i. Select a point, right click and select “Select Similar”

ii. After all the points are highlighted, right-click and select “Hide Selected Objects” (Isolate Objects > Hide Selected Objects)

iii. Boom! You should only see Contours.

f) To change the colour of the major contours

i. Click on the contours

ii. Right click and select “Edit Surface Style…”

iii. In the “Display” tab, under Major Contour click on the colour square…

iv. ...and select a new colour. Then click “OK”

v. Hit “Apply” and then “OK”

vi. Bish, bash, bosch. Done

g) To label the contours with heights

i. Right click on the surface, and select “Add Label”

ii. Ensure “Feature” is set to “Surface”, and “Label type” is set to “Contour - Multiple”

iii. Click “Add” and then draw lines across the contours as per where you want to see the contour labels:

iv. Click “Close”...

v. ...and then marvel at your contour labels.

h) To change the interval of the contours:

i. Right click on the surface, and select “Edit Surface Style”

ii. In the “Contour” tab, click on the plus button next to “Contour Intervals”

iii. Edit the “Minor” and “Major” interval (e.g. to 1m and 5m)

iv. Hit “Apply” and then “OK”

v. You go Glen Coco! You should now see a different set of contour intervals 👍

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