SenSat | How to: Importing PNEZ from a CSV into Civil 3D

Importing PNEZ from a CSV

into Civil 3D


How to import points from a CSV file (in the PNEZ format) into Civil 3D


Venkat Kondragunta


1. Select all points and export


a) Open Civil 3D and select new drawing (.dwg file)

 b) Select “Points from File” (Insert > Import points from file)

c) Click the “Add files” button

d) Select the .csv file (ensure “Files of type:” is set to .csv. For a guide on how to export points into a .CSV, click here.

e) Make sure the “Specify point file format  (filtering ON)” setting is switched on to the “PNEZ (comma delimited)” option (or whichever format your point file is set to).

f) Hit “OK”

g) After the points have loaded in, if you can’t see any points, select view “Extents” (View > Extents)

h) Hey presto! You’ve loaded in the points. In case you were wondering, they’re in the Point Group “_All Points”

If you wanted the points to load into a separate / specific point group, at Step E select the “Add Points to Point Group” option and specify the point group / create a new one to add the points into.


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