SenSat | How to: Creating a Useable Spot Grid from a CAD DWG file

Creating a Useable Spot Grid

from a CAD DWG file


How to generate a COGO point spot grid (for use in creating contours etc.)

from a CAD DWG file with a CAD spot grid in Civil 3D

Venkat Kondragunta


1. Load the CAD DWG file into Civil 3D


Open Civil 3D (Metric / Imperial) - if not installed, click here to download

Click the open button, and open your CAD file (.dwg).

2. Viewing the CAD


The model should load in ‘model’ space. If not, click the ‘Model’ tab to view in model space.

If you can’t see the CAD drawing after it has loaded, click ‘Extents’ (View > Extents)

To view only the CAD points, zoom in on a few points.

Then, select a point, and right click. Click “Select Similar”.   

Click “Isolate” (Home > Isolate)

You should now be only able to see the AutoCAD points.


3. Converting the AutoCAD Points to COGO Points


Open the ‘Points’ Menu and click “Point Creation Tools” (Home > Points > Point Creation Tools)

The “Create Points” menu should come up.

Click on the green “+” symbol next to the “Points Creation” section.

Using the drop downs, change (unless already on these options):

  1. “Prompt for Elevations” to “Automatic”

2. “Prompt for Point Names” to “Automatic”

3. “Prompt for Descriptions” to “None”

The final “Create Points” options should look like this:

Click the top left “Point Creation” down arrow

Select “Convert AutoCAD Points”

Zoom out and select all the AutoCAD points. Then hit the “Enter” key.

Wait a while… (If you have tens of thousands of points, this might take 5 mins or so!!)


Once Civil has finished churning, your points will have been converted to COGO points.

If you want to create a surface / contours click here for instructions on how to do this.

If you want to export these points into a CSV click here.

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