How Lendlease accelerate infrastructure design using drone data

Sensat Team

March 16, 2020

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To support the planning and design of the Perry Barr Athletes’ Village for the Commonwealth Games, Lendlease required a highly accurate 3D model of the site and existing structures within it. This is so designs created for the new athletes village and surrounding infrastructure can be verified against the 3D model.


The challenge

Due to the size of the area and expectation for fast deployment, a manual topographical survey was not viable. Numerous railways and roads span across the 75,000m2 area. Any ground-based method would have created unnecessary delays as it would require a 12 week track access approval period with Network Rail, plus numerous land access arrangements with private landowners. Traffic management alone for over seven road closures, including the A34, had a cost in excess of £4500 per day.

80% cheaper

Traffic management to support a traditional ground-based survey would have cost in excess of £4,500 per day.

40x faster

Sensat captured the required data in just 2 days utilising UAVs.

The solution
By utilising UAVs, Sensat were able to capture, digitise and deliver an accurate 3D digital model of the site in just 2 days. Lendlease were able to completely circumnavigate the need for track access approval, land access approval, and traffic management; saving both time and money.

The visualisations created from the UAV survey included a high-density point cloud, DSM, orthomosaic, and 3D mesh. The data can be integrated with CAD and BIM to provide an incredibly detailed, versatile and collaborative digital environment in Sensat’s visualisation platform, Mapp.


The resulting 3D model, captured faster and more cost-efficiently than traditional means, provided Lendlease with the visibility and insight they needed to design strategic infrastructure via constant access across multiple stakeholders.


Point cloud with CAD overlay hosted on Mapp


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