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Efficient teams collaborate on Mapp®

Large infrastructure companies automate manual workflows with Mapp® and make better, more informed decisions based on real site data
Enable efficient collaboration


Mapp® is an intuitive and easy-to-use, cloud-based digital twin platform that enables you and your team to visualise and interact with multiple types of datasetEasily access, share and collaborate on projects

to accelerate decision making.

Make decisions based on real site data


Mapp® produces highly detailed 3D terrains from satellite, plane or drone data. Powerful algorithms allow us to then add your designs and live environmental information, giving you the most comprehensive digital view of your site. 

Save time and money for smarter work


Mapp® gives you faster access to accurate information, allowing you to manage your physical site digitally.

Plan, build and manage more

efficiently with Mapp®

Mapp® allows you to manage your physical project digitally, in real time, and discuss plans in a visual and intuitive sense. This means you can work safer and more cost-efficient, while reducing waste and carbon emissions.





Mapp® helps you optimise pre-construction planning, design and bid work with exact topographical replicas of your site.

Click to measure

 Mapp® can accurately calculate areas, heights, distances and volumes of material for fast and efficient quantification of the real world. 

Through location-based messaging you can quickly share information with team members for more efficient working.


Mapp® helps you stay on schedule and prevent cost overruns from expensive rework. Improve project delivery with real time information on key metrics.


Scan your site regularly and instantly access your progress

in Mapp®.


You can upload design works to track against progress, or rapidly build above ground/below ground asset information models. 


Monitor and track the condition of your assets through Mapp®'s accessible digital records. SenSat can install sensors on your site, feeding automated operational updates directly to your team and flagging potential concerns.


Your digital twin is made real time by ingesting live environmental data produced by internet connected sensors. 


This gives you a real time, accurate understanding of an environment - anywhere in the world.

The world's leading infrastructure

firms are using Mapp® 

to optimise planning, stay on schedule, prevent rework and work more sustainably

"SenSat’s data capture and software Mapp® enabled us to accelerate the Infrastructure design programme whilst also providing a powerful tool for future public consultation.”

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Discover why the world’s leading infrastructure firms use Mapp®


Win bids and optimise pre-construction planning.


Stay on schedule and prevent rework.


Monitor and track the lifecycle of assets through Mapp®.

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