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From navigation to managing your project. Learn how Mapp® works.

Once you are logged in, you will see your Project Manager. This is where all your projects are stored. To view and interact with a site, click “Enter Simulated Reality”. You will be taken to your project.

After selecting a project, it’s possible to interact with the 3D map of the site which is visible at the centre of the screen. 

There are several menus on the project view screen: 

  • General menu on the top-left corner. This is the main navigation back. It can take you back to the home screen, download manager, team management, and support section.

  • Profile menu on the top-right corner. Here you can view and edit your account settings and log-out.

  • Toolbar on the left-hand-side of the screen. Here you can make measurements, add annotations, and take a snapshot of the screen. The features are described in more detail here. 

  • Feature button on the bottom-right corner. Click to open the feature panel to see and edit all annotations and measurements for a project.

  • Mini-map on the bottom-left corner shows the position of the camera within a 2D map.

1. Using the mouse 

  • Click and drag to rotate the map. 

  • Scroll to zoom in and out. 

  • Press the spacebar then click and drag to pan around.

  • Double-click on a location to centre and zoom in.

  • Click on the label, or the vertices of a measurement to select it in the feature panel on the right-hand side.

2. Using the keyboard

  • Use the arrow keys to pan around. 

  • Press shift + up/down arrow to zoom in and out

3. Map navigation when adding measurements


If you want to pan/zoom/rotate the map whilst drawing lines or polygons e.g. when drawing a polygon around a building, click and drag the mouse to navigate the map. A normal click will resume the measurement creation.



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