Sensat poll finds 69 per cent of civil infrastructure sector respondents are preparing to be future-ready when it comes to data-led digital transformation

December 10, 2020

  • On-site restrictions and remote working increased usage of digital tools during the pandemic, stated 88% of poll participants 

  • Data and digital solutions could have the largest impact on increasing construction productivity, and making better decisions, faster, according to 60% of respondents

  • Poll results are indicative of big steps towards a digital-driven future—triggering the next wave of civil infrastructure.  


London, UK - 10th December 2020: Sensat, a leading provider of drone data capture and visualisation software that enables civil infrastructure companies to digitally represent the real world, today shared results of a snapshot poll to understand progress being made by the industry toward digital adoption. Sensat’s poll questioned industry professionals*, revealing that while a third believed that implementation and integration (31.82%), as well as adversity to change (31.82%), are found to be the biggest blockers to digital transformation, 69 per cent of companies are making preparations to be future-ready, with a quarter (25%) already having digital tools in place today. 

In an industry that is largely physical and has predominantly had a reliance on physical information collection, the pandemic and resulting UK lockdowns disrupted the value chain including carrying out work on infrastructure sites. Alternative methods of working were required to keep construction moving. It is no surprise then that 88% of poll respondents stated an increase in usage of digital tools triggered by the pandemic and remote working, with 52 per cent of these people stating that digital tool usage had increased significantly. COVID-19 created a forcing function never seen before in the civil infrastructure industry, accelerating digital tool adoption to help deliver projects in new ways. 

“Data-led digital transformation is creating a future for more informed and sustainable construction, while also being seen to drive up productivity (25%), faster decision-making (35%) and enable collaboration anytime, and anywhere (15%), according to our poll participants,” said Sensat CEO, James Dean. When it comes to day-to-day workflows, the pandemic created an urgency to look at, and implement, digital solutions that ensured business continuity with an enhanced level of data capture, data access, data visualisation and data collaboration. This kick-started the mindset of being future-ready which, in turn, initiated the next wave of civil infrastructure that we are starting to see now.

James 01.jpg

Founder and CEO, James Dean

 “Construction companies are thinking differently about their approach to data and digital, which is sparking a whole new conversation in the boardroom about how to accelerate different digital processes and practices and not get left behind. Embracing innovation and investing in infratech is now top of mind. This is just the start of the next digital revolution where we can translate the physical world into a digital representation,” continued Dean.


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*Snapshot poll taken during our 'Data-led transformation' webinar series