Hello 2021…

Nobody could have predicted what would happen in 2020, but despite the chaos and uncertainty across the world, here at Sensat we want to share some positives that emerged from the last year.

Some of our 2020 milestones included:

112 Square Kilometres

Last year alone we captured over 112 square kilometres of UK infrastructure sites via drone. That’s over 100 billion data points and 340,000 high-resolution images.

10,960 km

Sensat drones have flown over 10,960 km over the past year: the equivalent of flying from the UK to Singapore!


Of data processed for UK infrastructure projects


New users onboarded to the most powerful visualisation platform in civil infrastructure.


The number of infrastructure projects we supported to capture, visualise, and collaborate on accurate site data.


We conducted the largest drone mapping endeavor in the UK with Connect Plus and partners.

In the coming years, Sensat looks to continue to transform the industry by building robust digital infrastructure sites using our drone data capture and cloud based data visualisation platform. The digitisation of the physical world has an exciting role to play in the civil infrastructure industry, helping boost productivity, performance, profitability and sustainability.

Here's a collection of other wins, including customer stories from 2020 that we make us proud to do what we do:

Connect Plus and partners digitally map the UK’s busiest motorway

Connect Plus, a consortium comprising Edge Orbital Holdings Ltd, Balfour Beatty and Egis Investment Partners, who operate and manage the M25 and its key arterial routes on behalf of Highways England, has successfully digitally mapped all 120 miles of the M25—together with strategic partners Connect Plus Services, Sensat and Osborne.

Jamie Harrison, Highways Director of Osborne, said: “With the use of this 3D model, we have been able to increase safety by putting fewer employees on the M25 carriageways at night when inspections and surveys take place. All those who work on the M25 can now directly access accurate visual data remotely—to inspect assets, make decisions and reduce the need for boots on the ground.”

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Sensat wins 'Most Innovative Business'

In 2020, Sensat was recognised for enabling real estate development data capture and visualisation.

With over 200 entries across 16 categories, the awards recognised and awarded talented individuals and deserving companies in the real estate and technology industry from over the past year. The ‘Most Innovative Business’ award looked to identify a PropTech company that had implemented an innovative solution to an industry problem and helped to transform the sector.

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MSVF assured their project during lockdown

As part of the construction industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, construction sites around the world temporarily closed their doors.

Sensat, on behalf of MSVF, used drones to carry out fortnightly site surveys on the Barking Riverside project since January 2020. The digital model is supplemented with regular progress monitoring and up to date topographical information for assessing earthworks and for assuring the site during lockdown.

"In this unprecedented time, we need to create a level of certainty about our project’s programme. Sensat’s data hosted in their visualisation platform will allow us to create a single source of truth over the next period of time to help us assure the project’s programme when we begin again."

Jim Bushell, Survey and Monitoring Manager, MSVF

Read the full case study here

HS2 launches Innovation Accelerator initiative to drive new ideas for the project

Throughout 2020, Sensat has been involved in delivering one of the largest strategic unmanned air vehicle surveying jobs in the UK across the entire phase one route of HS2, and is now excited to be a part of its Innovation Accelerator initiative.

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Osborne used drone data to accurately monitor site progress remotely

Using fixed-wing drones, Osborne with partner Sensat, safely captured the required A46 site data without implementing traffic management systems or road closures. This drone solution meant the data could be collected for progress monitoring quickly, remotely, and without putting boots on the ground.

Sensat are completing monthly scans of the site to ensure Osborne has an accurate record of project progress. The data from the scans can be delivered using Sensat’s powerful visualisation platform to the client in a number of days, reducing the turnaround time by 5 weeks.

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Sensat CEO Makes Telegraph Tech Hot 100

James Dean was recognised as the UK’s youngest founder in a prestigious list for fastest growing tech start-ups by the Telegraph.

With technology companies keeping the economy afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Telegraph’s list celebrates the many tech firms that have thrived in a year of extraordinary turbulence.

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The evolution of The Platform

Sensat’s cloud visualisation platform has undergone some major advancements over the last year, too. Most notably, the launch of our new 3D mesh support feature for .GLB and .DWG files, which allows 3D project assets to be visualised in the full context of a site project. Users can create a data-rich digital representation of a site by adding BIM design models to the platform and visualise them in the full context of all of the site’s assets and survey information, grounded in geospatially referenced data. All this can be accomplished in a highly performant, frictionless 3D environment.

Looking forwards

While what would happen in 2020 was largely unpredictable, more certainty is anticipated for the year ahead, as the civil infrastructure industry confronts what's next with more courage and conviction. Having adjusted to more digital ways of working and stabilising after a tumultuous twelve months, we believe the outlook for our industry is much brighter.

As many aspects of civil infrastructure continue to be digitised and strategies start to come to fruition, a data-led approach will only become more important in 2021.

Sensat sees three key trends that will prevail: common visualisation, collaboration/consolidation, and decarbonisation. (Read the full press release here, and in our upcoming blog series on each of these areas.

1. Common Visualisation

The ability to visualise data in one common platform will be fundamental to civil infrastructure in 2021, not only for centralising all infrastructure data in one place, but making it more usable and understandable. Bringing accurate physical site data online enables greater analysis to drive better decisions and greater visibility into the management of business, operations and processes across all stakeholders.

2. Collaboration and Consolidation

Forced primarily by the pandemic, but a huge positive to emerge from 2020, has been joint ventures, collaboration and a greater willingness to work together to get things done. Sensat believes that this collaboration will continue into 2021 as companies assess best practices and innovation to improve built infrastructure. With the ability for in-platform collaboration and consolidation, it has never been easier to share, overlay, annotate and analyse data to tackle challenges and make decisions.

3. Decarbonisation

As part of the UK Government’s commitment to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the civil infrastructure industry will be more focused on reducing its environmental impact to build towards a circular economy that minimises wasted materials, reduces one-time data usage, while also reducing the destruction of our natural environment.

In our January mini blog series focusing on predictions for 2021, we will be diving a little deeper into each of these topics, and exploring exactly how and where they will impact civil infrastructure in the coming months and years.

At Sensat, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders in drone data and visualisation that's valuable throughout the different design and construction stages.

You can find a whole page dedicated to free educational case studies, webinars, reports and tutorials to help you plan, build and manage your projects, here.

For more information about what we do, please contact: tellmemore@sensat.co.uk