What is the G-Cloud 12 Framework?

Sensat are excited to be able to announce our inclusion in the UK government’s Digital Marketplace for G-Cloud 12, which provides public sector clients an effortless way to procure our services.

The Digital Marketplace is a government regulated website, set up to allow public sector organisations and agencies to find trusted, specialist providers of digital services. Being recognised by the government is a huge endorsement of our high standards, as well as the quality and integrity we bring with our data capture solutions and visualisation platform.

It’s the first time we’ve applied to be part of the G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace, and being listed has been an important step for our business and something we are incredibly proud of. The marketplace itself provides benefits to a wide range of organisations in sectors including housing, healthcare and not-for-profit, and we look forward to supporting more infrastructure projects to meet digital replica needs in the months ahead.

You can find out more about the full range of G-Cloud 12 services by viewing the listings on the new Crown Commercial Services digital marketplace. Please get in touch with us to find out more, or call +44 (0) 20 3488 2645.

Sensat’s cloud-based visualisation platform

Sensat’s cloud-based visualisation platform enables construction and infrastructure companies to view site and project data in one place, share this insight with project teams and add data and context to make more informed-decisions while tracking project performance.

Managing a civil infrastructure project is a complex job, and giving public sector organisations easier access to the information about how we can help is invaluable. Our visualisation platform is capable of linking to multiple different data sources to help information flow across disciplines. This includes information from design partners, engineering, surveying, client stakeholders and specialist users all in one simple, easy to use and visually intuitive interface.

Customer service

Sensat works collaboratively with our clients to create a unique customer experience. Each client is provided with a dedicated customer success manager who is responsible for ensuring that your project is a success.

Sensat also has a dedicated support team who are available during UK business hours. Clients are able to take advantage of in-person or online training sessions for an unlimited amount of users. Where appropriate, your customer success contact will run specific onboarding sessions for different groups of users. Customer Success Managers act as the primary point of contact for users, and can respond directly to all questions related to a project, so users continue to get value from our solutions and products, as well as conveying feedback to Sensat’s technical teams so we can continually improve and develop.

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