Sensat’s latest visualisation features set platform apart from rival products

September 17th 2020

Award-winning 3D visualisation platform for the civil infrastructure industry now includes:

  • 3D Mesh design support

  • Magic Wand functionality

  • New Document viewer and easier data upload flow

  • Intuitive data markup and annotation with the ability to add photos, files and more


London, UK - 17th September, 2020: Sensat, a leading provider of drone data capture and visualisation software that enables civil infrastructure companies to digitally represent the real world, today announced new features to its SaaS platform that will transform the way infrastructure project teams work with and visualise design models and site survey data.


Carefully engineered and tested by design engineers for design engineers, the latest Sensat visualisation features enable 3D Mesh design support, easier data uploads and document viewing, more intuitive markup functionality and intelligent zone creation—all achieved in Sensat’s highly-performant, frictionless 3D visualisation platform—one of the fastest on the market today.


Until now, design engineers and project managers visualised BIM and GIS (topographical survey) data separately, often dealing with multiple proprietary file types and platforms, and making it difficult to create an accurate, holistic view of a construction site. However, with Sensat’s 3D Mesh design support, engineers and project managers can now upload and visualise BIM design models alongside topographical survey data, including .GLB and .DWG files, enabling a data-rich, 3D visualisation of their project and providing the full context of all assets on a site, grounded in geospatially referenced data.


“Our 3D Mesh support empowers our customers to access all their design, topographical and geospatial data for infrastructure projects in one place, including future planned design work. For the first time, not only does this provide one view of all project data but enables seamless collaboration within a common visualisation environment,” said Sensat’s Chief Product Officer, Michele Battelli. “Also, with simpler upload, markup and zone creation tools, our research has shown our platform can help increase project productivity across teams. All users need to do is simply upload their 3D design models in our SaaS platform, and our software does the heavy lifting to process data into a geospatially-accurate visualisation of your asset within your project site.”


Sensat’s new features enable a single source of truth for all of the design, topographical and geospatial data, and includes:


Drone survey data alongside 3D mesh design in Sensat's visualisation platform

3D Mesh design supportVisualise and collaborate on all your data

Now supporting .GLB and .DWG files, users can easily upload and collaborate on data to gain a better understanding of how proposed buildings and structures interact with the real world in the context of the entire infrastructure site.


Magic Wand

Sensat’s Magic Wand is an intelligent zone creation tool that assists users in calculating and selecting an object or an area within their 2D data set with a single click. It analyses the colour range represented by the object in target and estimates its boundary (for example a building or stockpile), providing a polygon representation of their target object, where users can add further non-geospatial information such as images, pdf and description. This is extremely efficient for the applications of asset tagging, is super fast, removes human error and supports daily monitoring.


New document viewer and easier data upload flow

With improved document viewing and comprehensive file upload, supporting any file size, uploading the following file formats into our SaaS platform has never been easier : .laz, .las, .kml, .tif, .png, .pdf, .obj, .dwg, .fbx, .glb. Not only will these files be saved in your file manager for future download, file formats .las, .laz, .kml, .tif and .glb files can be visualised as layers.


Intuitive data markup with photo and information upload functionality

Easier data markup and annotation with the ability to add photos, and information from the height of a building to the volume of a stockpile markup, help you understand your project dimensions. Within our SaaS platform, not only can users markup changes, annotate data and draw up boundaries to communicate better with their teams, you can also attach photos and documents to your markups to add extra information.