New Sensat Insight Paper: Navigating What’s Next in Civil Infrastructure 

October 08, 2020

Refocus, Reset, Rebuild and Reimagine by Riding the Next Wave Of Data-Led Digital Transformation 

London, UK - 8th October, 2020: Sensat, a leading provider of drone data capture and visualisation software that enables civil infrastructure companies to digitally represent the real world, today announced the launch of its latest insight paper ‘Navigating what’s next in civil infrastructure: The next wave of data-led digital transformation.’  As the civil infrastructure sectors get back to some ‘newmality’, this paper addresses the importance of digital and contextual data and how it will influence the future of more informed and sustainable construction.


To optimise the industry’s recovery, and navigate the next six months and beyond, Sensat explores why asset owners, engineering consultants and construction companies should revisit their workflows and embrace a digital and data-led approach to “Refocus, Reset, Rebuild, and Reimagine” their business models.


“The 2020 pandemic triggered the next wave of data-led digital transformation across many sectors, allowing companies to deliver more, with less. Teams now have more tools to help with data capture and collaboration via shared workspaces, resources, conferencing and visualisation platforms, which can all save time, money and increase productivity, while helping with understanding and more informed decision making,” said Maria Hudson, CMO at Sensat.  While this is positive for the civil infrastructure industry, the best way to navigate through the coming months and years is still very much unknown. Our paper provides guidance on what to think about as companies refocus, reset, rebuild and reimagine the future with a digital, data-led approach.


Sensat’s paper features case studies and real-world examples from our clients on how they are embracing digital to improve collaboration and increase productivity. For example, Barking Riverside, a mixed-use development, leveraged Sensat’s high-resolution drone data for reality capture to create an accurate snapshot of their project for the duration of lockdown. Once the data was captured, Sensat’s platform was used to visualise the data, and Barking Riverside has been able to reduce risk and improve cash flows by using the data to enhance communication internally with teams and externally with their client, Transport for London, (TfL). 


Data hosted in Sensat's visualisation platform

Other customers have said:

  • “Reporting construction progress in a holistic way is key for us. A variety of tools are used to produce various formats for delivering progress reports, from raw data files to photographs from various sources to PDF summaries and survey data. A tool for holistic ongoing reporting is what we need.”

  • "The ability to bring data types together in one place has helped keep teams informed during the pandemic."


With today’s constant influx of real-time data, having the means to accurately capture, aggregate, visualise and manage all of this in one place, helps the planning and construction process to be aligned with the actual state of the real world. Digital tools can create value never seen before.


To read more about how digital infrastructure can create real value across civil infrastructure download: Navigating what’s next in civil infrastructure: The next wave of data-led digital transformation, or join our webcast with Sensat CEO, James Dean on 29th October 2020, by registering your interest here.