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As the UK’s largest drone data provider 

for large complex infrastructure projects, we conduct survey-grade topographical surveys using autonomous mapping drones. This allows us to gather your data

faster, safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional surveying methods.

Our cloud-based platform Mapp® allows your team to interact with a simulated reality of your site.

The intuitive software enables designers, consultants, surveyors and project managers to assess the site in real time and discuss plans in a visual and intuitive sense.





Mapp® helps you optimise pre-construction planning, design and bid work with exact topographical replicas of your site.

Click to measure

Calculate dimensions, volumes, and slopes of any physical surface or object for more accurate planning.

Through location based messaging you can quickly share information with team members for more efficient working


Mapp® helps you stay on schedule and prevent cost overruns from expensive rework. Improve efficiency with real time information on key metrics.


Scan your site regularly and instantly access your progress

in Mapp®.


You can upload design works to track against progress, or rapidly build above ground/below ground asset information models. 


Monitor and track the condition of your assets through Mapp®'s accessible digital records. SenSat can install sensors on your site, feeding automated operational updates directly to your team and flagging potential concerns.


Sensors attached to assets and connected to the intenet provide real time condition updates of key infrastructure. Using these data feeds Mapp® performs predictive maintenance analysis. 

Smarter, faster and safer decisions

The world's leading engineering firms are using SenSat and Mapp® 

to win bids, optimise planning, stay on schedule and prevent rework.


Aerial data capture using UAVs is considerably more environmentally friendly than other aerial data capture methods. Also, ecologically sensitive areas are protected as there are no boots on the ground.


UAV’s are able to go places a human cannot which means: no road closures and no individuals in high-risk environments.


As a Department for Transport Pathfinder 

Partner, we capture survey data 10x more

efficiently than other UAV aerial surveys due to unique BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight)


More accurate

Our UAV’s take thousands of high-quality images which capture 15x more RTK XYZ survey points.

“The speed of data capture over a large survey area has significant cost benefits over the more traditional 2D survey team”

Andrew Vipas , 

Project Manager at BAM

Mapp® works with the programs you know


See the world differently

Discover why the world’s leading engineering firms use Mapp®


Win bids and optimise pre-construction planning.


Stay on schedule and prevent rework.


Monitor and track the lifecycle of assets through Mapp®.

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