Terms & Conditions - Mapp 6 months free offer

The Sensat Team 

  1. This offer (the “Mapp Remote Offer”), which is made to you by Sensat Surveying Ltd (“Sensat”), entitles you to access and use the Platform (as defined in the Mapp Terms and Conditions of Use) free of charge for the period starting from the moment you activate such period by inputting your details and registering for the Mapp Remote offer on up until 30 September 2020 (the “Offer Period”).

  2. By submitting your details as part of the abovementioned registration process, you accept the Mapp Remote Offer and: (i) consent to Sensat using and processing your details and data in accordance with its Privacy Policy, and (ii) acknowledge and agree to the Mapp Terms and Conditions of Use, which shall at all times govern your use of, and access to, the Platform, whether during the Offer Period or otherwise.

  3. Upon the expiry of the Offer Period, you shall automatically be transitioned onto the paying version of the Mapp Remote subscription plan (the “Transition”), unless you notify Sensat of termination, in writing (including by email), at least 30 calendar days before the end of the Offer Period, in which case your use of, and access to, the Platform shall automatically terminate on the expiry of the Offer Period. 

  4. As part of the Transition, a Sensat representative will contact you as soon as practicable following expiry of the Offer Period to provide additional information where required, and, if applicable, collect appropriate and relevant payment details from you.

  5. If you wish to access another version of Mapp® (for example Mapp Pro or Mapp Enterprise), whether during or following the expiry of the Offer Period, please inform your Sensat contact person or dedicated representative as soon as possible.

  6. Sensat reserves the right to remove, withdraw from or cancel the Mapp Remote Offer at any time.

  7. Sensat reserves the right to change, amend or update the features of the Mapp Remote Offer at any time.

  8. Sensat reviews all registrations and reserves the right to deny or cancel access to the Platform at any time and for any reason.

  9. These terms and conditions (and any dispute or claim relating to them or their subject matter) are governed by and are to be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim, dispute or issue (including non-contractual claims) which may arise out of or in connection with these terms and conditions.