We’ve got it all covered

Our highly detailed 2D and 3D terrains can be produced using satellite, plane, drone and terrestrial means, so you can get the full picture.

Point Cloud

The sky's not the limit

Our Point Cloud data allows us to reconstruct your project in billions of data points.
How this helps you
  • 3D measurements give you a crystal-clear image of your project.
  • It allows for cut and fill analysis.
  • You can produce the most accurate bid possible with precise calculations based on actual site data.


See how it measures up

Use an Orthomosaic, a high-resolution 2D map, to generate accurate measurements. It’s been geometrically corrected so that the scale is uniform and offers far more accuracy than an aerial photo.
How this helps you
  • It allows for generation and overlaying of CAD.
  • It can be used for visual site mapping and project planning.
  • These maps can help provide detailed visual updates on the progress of a project.

3D Textured Mesh

Joining the dots

Our 3D Textured Mesh uses geo-referenced points to create shapes that give accurate values for height, width and depth. We then combine several polygons with texture layers to create a photorealistic 3D mesh model.
How this helps you
  • It’s perfect for clash detection, which means that you’re more likely to prevent cost overruns from expensive rework.
  • The 3D textured mesh is easily shareable and much easier to view and understand compared to 2D drawings.
  • The 3D survey data not only lets you get a clearer image of the environment you’re in, but it also allows for more stakeholder engagement. Great for winning more bids.


See what’s on the surface

Our Digital Surface Model captures surface information, like trees or buildings, and this data can then be corrected to generate a Digital Terrain Model.
How this helps you
  • You can work as efficiently as possible with object classification, line of sight planning and route and access planning.
  • It allows for cut and fill analysis.
  • View every tiny detail, even surface runoff or hydrological design.


Get the bare facts

Remove all objects from your environment with our Digital Terrain Model. This gives you an estimation of the bare earth elevation without any trees, buildings or anything else.
How this helps you
  • It’s perfect for design and engineer purposes.
  • You can use it for earthworks or cut and fill analysis.
  • Easily analyse surface runoff and hydrological design.


Get the full context

We use computer aided design to produce a topographical model that will extract all features visible on the Orthomosaic and Point Cloud and export it in a readable CAD format. Plus, the Orthomosaic can be overlaid with the CAD for added visual context.
How this helps you
  • Integrates directly with existing CAD workflows
  • It can provide accurate asset information.
  • Add greater context to the environment of your project.


Unleash your data's potential with Sensat®

To put it simply, Sensat is a master with data. It brings it to life in a way that makes it easy to search, retrieve and access all the information you need.


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