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Mapp® is an easy to use, cloud based digital twin platform that allows teams working in physical environments to interact with their workplaces digitally.

Digital representations of

real world locations

We create digital twins, or digital representations of real world locations, then infuse real time data sets from a variety of sources. The result is an accurate, digital and up to date copy of your infrastructure project, visualised on Mapp®.


Our product Mapp® helps offline industries analyse their environments to learn how things work and improve the way we make decisions.

Civil Infrastructure

Engage with your project digitally 

Built on the cloud, Mapp® aggregates spatial data, allowing you to make more informed decisions. Based on real-world data.   

Mapp® helps teams working on large infrastructure projects to deliver work in a more intelligent and sustainable way.


We're not stopping there.

Our long term vision is to build the third platform – an intelligent eco-system that translates the real world into a version understandable to AI. On this platform, all things and places will be machine-­readable, subject to the power of algorithms to allow us to analyse and better understand the world in which we live. 

This provides the eco-system that enables many emerging technologies.

Work with us

This is an exciting time to be joining one of London’s most prominent startups that was ranked the #1 AI startup in Europe by Crunchbase

as we embark on our next phase

of growth.

Work more sustainably

Discover what you can achieve with Mapp®


Win bids and optimise pre-construction planning.


Stay on schedule and prevent rework.


Monitor and track the lifecycle of assets through Mapp®.

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